What Is Your Business? Four Principles To Business Success

Many entrepreneurs, businessmen and women end up in failure for one reason: they don’t know what their business is.What business are you in?This question is important because one major cause of business failure is the inability of the owner or entrepreneur to know what business he is in. Like any human endeavor, one cannot handle a business unless he knows what it is all about and what it is for.So, that is the basic question in any business strategy session. To be able to formulate business plans, implementation timetable, marketing strategy and profit objective, here are the following four principles to consider:1. In any business, regardless of what your product or service is, there’s only two areas or activities that matter: Marketing and Finance.Yes, your business is marketing, because without a market, there is no business. In providing products and services to your customers, always strive for quality products and services and go the extra mile, to earn customers’ loyalty and patronage.In addition, your business is finance, because without the money as capital you can’t generate profit. So, there must be money for investment, investment to generate sales, revenue and profit.2. In any business, strive for customer satisfaction.Why customer satisfaction is important? Because your business exists for the customers. The customers are the most important people in your organization. Without the customers, you have no reason for being.3. In any business, yours is a service business. Service is part of every contract between your business and a prospect or customer. Ultimately, service affects not only how purchasers feel about your business but also their perception of the value and quality of the products you deliver.4. In any business, good service is value added for your customer. Customers make buying decisions based on their perceptions of the product’s or service’s extra value.This is especially true when the products or services offer similar features -as is true with cars, packaged goods, bank loans, computers, grocery items. In this case, good service is the margin of extra value that exerts a positive influence on customer behavior.Therefore, to be successful in business – in any business for that matter, what is important is you are close to the customers, for they are the people who give you your revenue and profit.

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Digital Photography Ruling All the Way

Digital Photography is the need of people going to distant places or for people who want to have their images on the desktops of their personal computers. Digital photography later became the most used form of photography, but before that the photography which was widely accepted was the film photography.Film photography has been the art or the inspiration for many of the photographers. According to a study, photography started around the dark ages in the European countries. It was the only way to bring the art of photography into existence. As time passed by, it became the hobby of the people who don’t even know how to click on the button and develop the films. So there came the need of digital photography, a form of photography which uses digital technology to make images of subjects. Digital photographs can be transmitted, manipulated, stored and can be resized. This makes digital photography to rule the industry of photography.Advantages of Digital photographyDigital photography has many advantages over the ancient form of photography.
The digital photography has its impact in this photography world and thereby the cameras used are further divided into consumer digital cameras and professional ones.
A few of the advantages have been summed up below:-Advantages in the case of consumer digital cameras:-o The snaps taken can be easily reviewed and the photographer doesn’t have to wait to develop the films. The same can be changed through the technology if it is blurred or has some defects.
o For a person like me who’s always ready to capture his hundreds of images, the ongoing cost is minimum unless and until we have to mail it.
o The pictures can be easily printed with the help of a computer and a colour printer.
o The best part is that videos can be easily made out of a digital camera while the same can’t be done with the help of a film photographer.Advantages in the case of a professional digital camera:-o The professionals need better lightning and composition which is why the film cameras are popular but the digital professional camera leads in this too and has better lightning and composition.
o The digital image is captured in the raw format and cam be changed in the three different formats of imaging which is then merged and processed with colour effects to produce a better picture.
o The professional camera brands like Nikon and canon have made it a point to promote the add-on of the digital single reflex lens cameras (DSLRs).Thus the 10+ mega pixel images can be easily used in the newspapers or may be even printed in the magazines.After knowing all this about the digital cameras, one should not waste the time in buying a digital camera even if you tempt of having an artist inside him.

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Whirly Ball and the Next Generation of Sports

WhirlyBall is not only popular as a perfect sport, but is also popular as the sport played only for fun.Firstly, many are puzzled as what is Whirly Ball? Whirly Ball is an exciting game, as it is a mix of other sports namely basketball, bumper cars and lacrosse. Thus, WhirlyBall is a game that can provide optimum entertainment value to its audience. Whirly Ball is a game, which consists of a minimum 5 players and a maximum of 10 players. In this game, each player has to drive a whirly bug and carry a scoop along with him. A Whirly bug looks same as an electric bumper car.The player has to be in the car and pass or throw the ball with the given scoop. In any situation, you are not allowed to get out of the car. This is a basic rule of the game like laser tag. If you love entertaining sports, then this sport will enchant you to the core. As a score made in a basketball is called a basket, a score scored in the WhirlyBall is called a ‘Whirlic’. This sport is a true family-entertainer game.There are certain terminologies you are expected to hear while viewing this game. The types of scoops used normally differ according to the level of the competition namely, the league level, the state level and the national level. Some other WhirlyBall terms are power shot, scooping, pillow block, bounce passing, roll-off, wall bouncing and the back door.

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